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Dr Aga Swiderska

I am currently a PostDoctoral Research Associate in the Trafford-Galli lab. My project focuses on investigating the role of carotid body in health and heart failure.

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Academic history and current research 

I obtained a undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2018 from the University of Birmingham. I then went onto completing a Masters degree in Biomedical Research in 2019 before moving to Manchester University to attend the 4-year BHF PhD programme in Cardiovascular Sciences. As part of the BHF programme I obtained another Masters degree in Cardiovascular Sciences. I passed my PhD viva in December 2023.

I developed an interest in the carotid body research during my studies at Birmingham University where I focused on describing the mechanism of oxygen sensing in health. This later gave the idea for my PhD project, which focused on elucidating the mechanisms of oxygen sensing in health and heart failure. I was particularly interested in the mitochondrial biology (oxygen consumption and ROS production under different respiratory states) as well as their composition. Here we hypothesised that changes in mitochondrial function and composition could be the main factor leading to an increased carotid body activity in heart failure. 

Now, my plan is to continue to investigate mechanisms driving an increased carotid body output in heart failure (with a specific focus on drivers of an increased oxidative stress) as well as the temporal evolution of cardiac dysfunction and carotid body overactivation. 

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